Instruction manual

1. Tighten lashing strap hand tight according to manufacturer information. Ratchet lever remains open (picture no. 1).

2. The arrow-shaped lunettes at the adjuster controller (picture no. 2) are used to check the tension level handle. It has to be adjusted completely. The arrows have to point towards the direction of the tensioning.

3. Place the adjuster controller with the arrows pointing towards the ratchet on to the tension lever (picture no. 3) and press towards the lever (picture no. 4).

4. Move up and down to tighten (picture no. 5) until the audible and tangible signal appears.
You have now reached the required hand power of 50 daN.

5. Continue until you reach the next tab location (picture no. 6). If you are using more than 2 beltwraps, you can continue until the next tab location. Do not tighten any further!

6. Remove Guspako (picture no. 7) and secure tension lever (picture no. 8).

All done!

Store Guspako in the driving cab so it is always ready at hand.