Badly secured cargo causes great costs due to accidents, traffic congestion and production downtimes.

On top of that, possible penal and financial consequences might be waiting for owner, driver, sender and hauler.

The surcharge for users can also cause absence from work due to the high pressure on the spinal column when cargo is secured with ratchets 50 daN (approximately 50 kg) per lashing strap.

Guspako offers the ideal solution, including cost reduction for haulers and private usage.

  • Fewer sick leaves – reduces labour costs
  • Fewer fright damage – reduces insurance rates and satisfies customers
  • Time saving cargo lashing – time and cost saving
  • Fewer problems with controls – fast cargo clearing
  • Reduction of lashing equipment abrasion – reduces cost of material

Guspako requires 65% fewer expenditure of energy at the bolt lever of the ratchet. It secures the required power (SHF) of 50 daN with and a tangible and audible trigger signal, providing a manual force (SHF) of 50 daN at a 20 daN. It enables a steady and controlled application of the required manual force onto the ratchet and avoids too much tension at the same time.

The generally applied manual force of 50 daN can not be measured exactly. The clamping pieces are therefore cocked with full power. The worst case scenario is the usage of unsuitable tools to assist the tensioning. This leads to a deformation of the clamping peaces which are left unserviceable.

Play it SAFE!

The simple handling and high quality make Guspako an indispensable operating aid for cargo lashing for commercial and private usage.